OCEAN LAB – Swarm Robotics Solutions

Our Mission is to facilitate the growth of the Swarm Robotics industry. We are developing systems for distributed mapping and distributed intervention in aquatic settings.

Our approach is based on managing complexity to effectively guide a group of vehicles without being distracted by the detailed behavior of the individuals. We are developing hardware, software and methods to make swarms useable. We call these solutions Swarm Tools and they include:

Swarm-appropriate vehicles – We follow a philosophy of group support that seeks to keep individual vehicles as simple as possible and maximize the benefits of being in a group, such as distributed sensing and more accurate relative positioning.

Distributed architecture – Our proprietary neighbor-sensing technology enables highly redundant system integration and situational awareness, able to accommodate the limitations of aquatic communication.

Scalable logistics – We have solutions for handling large numbers. At the front end we are developing solutions for group charging and set-up. At the back end we are developing solutions for group data collating.

Applications – Through collaboration with oceanographers we are pioneering applications where a swarm yields superior results over single AUV methods.

Management interface – We seek to maximize swarm agility while protecting the operator from complexity. Our swarms can be guided as a large, fluid mass. For oceanographers, the group delivers a map of real-time distributed data and can be actively guided to target areas of maximum interest.